Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Surfer

Hi everybody. Here is another of my fine art photographs.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

The Gate To The Secret Garden


Hi everybody.
There is something magical about the home and adjoining oceanfront cottage that support this ever- blooming lush garden. Showcasing that large starfish as a work of art on the gate inviting welcome with a few touches of branches (line work) is artistry in living. Creating your environment and shaping a collaboration with nature and nurturing it so that you are surrounded by beauty is an act of love. I walk by and it always elevates my awareness and joy. Gratitude.
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More to come..

All art/photography © 2017 Alan Phillips

Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Italian Job


Hi everybody. I pass this oceanfront home on almost every walk I take northward up the beach. I will get around to painting a portrait of it one day. I probably have taken 50 different days of shots of it with clouds, in the rain, sunny mornings and afternoons and sunsets over a timeline of 8 years. It speaks to me. I love the palette. I dig how it's sort of tucked in, that pot of geraniums on the upper terrace.

Now, I don't know that this place or the owners are Italian but perhaps it has just a touch of Tuscan flavor?

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All art/ photography © 2017 Alan Phillips

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Answer Is Blowin' The Wind


Hi everybody. This photograph is from Little Talbot Island facing west. Behind me is the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. The lean of these trees, most of them anyway seem to be south to north and it must take years for them to grow and in doing so have the tolerance to grow in the direction of the prevailing wind. It is a lesson in flexibility for me.

I love the energy flow evident in the movement of the trunk and limbs and the detail in the markings on the bark. It is simple yet lovely in it's design.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Miss Hazel and Becky Joe


Hi everybody. I know it might appear that I am nostalgic. Nope. I love the new tools we have, speed, communications and production that we all enjoy from the advances technology has brought us.

However in that process I have no wish to discard that which is profoundly stable, authentic, whole, delivers what it promises and can endure. I love the patina of things that have been in use for a while, well maintained and continue to provide service. Quality matters.

Whenever I visit Mayport, Florida and mind you this particular venue as any semblance of the fishing village it once was is being dismantled by the minute I still enjoy seeing these working shrimp boats. They are sturdy, solid, dependable and the end result for me is some of the best seafood on the planet in the catch that they bring to dock every day.

This is another from art series photographs of my coastal journey.

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Thank you for looking at my art today.

More to come.....

All art/photography © Alan Phillips 2017

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday Morning Glories


Hi everybody. Funny, that as I speak with you this morning I am listening to Kenny Rankin and the tune on right now is "You Are So Beautiful To Me".

Morning Glories are special to me. They are in the same sort of good karma recognition as seeing dolphins or a red tailed hawk or eagle on the wing. When I spot them it is rare and the quality, authentic joy I experience at getting to enjoy their beauty makes me smile. These flowers only show in the morning sun around here. They are tucked back enough on the dunes that you actually have to be paying attention to see them especially the white ones. They are so exceptionally delicate and I love the random rhythms they form stretching on runners over the geography of the dunes.

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Thank you for  looking at my photography art this morning.

More to come....

All art/ photography © 2107 Alan Phillips

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Echo On A Summer Breeze

Hi everybody. Welcome. Just finished up a painting of our local Brown Pelicans gliding along a rising wave! This painting would rock the lobby of a coastal hotel, don’t you think? I am looking for a commissioned project creating a series of works of coastal shorebirds and coastal flora featured in the open spaces of a large interior.

It might be a hotel or healthcare facility bringing some extra warmth and humanity to the common spaces. Yes, it would look great in an oceanfront home with the interior to accommodate it or the conference room at headquarters!! It is six feet long and two and a half feet high in oil on gallery wrap canvas. This is one of the scenes that I often hear people speaking of with great affection about our shoreline here in Florida. There is something special about seeing the grace in a family of these birds in unison working the updraft of a wave effortlessly on a summer day at the beach. If you look with intention you will see that each pelican is slightly different.

Capturing subtle shifts in repeated patterns is one of my favorite visual nuances. I had this view out on the ocean, calmly sitting on my nine foot longboard awaiting a swell, tasting the salt on my lips, feeling the warm sun on my back and a little surprised by these fascinating creatures cruising by whose origins may date back to the Mesozoic Era. Creating art that illuminates the beauty of other species and our one shared ocean, fostering  connection and celebrating this hugely important resource on our planet is my passion and mission.

Thank you for looking at my art today.

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