Monday, March 28, 2016

A Royal Tern....


 These beautiful rather shy shorebirds are real favorites of mine. This was an overcast morning at low tide and the sun was hazy creating a silvery, gold look to the water. This image almost looks like a mirrored reflection.

If you have been lucky enough to observe these birds in flight or in chase you know what I mean when I tell you it is a marvel of aerodynamics. Sharp turns, instant change of direction, glide, power and speed. Top Guns all.

This is simply to share my love of the environments and creatures that I prefer to paint and this Royal Tern being from my fine art photography collection.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Here and There.


This was a piece I did several years ago. It is oil on canvas that is on a frame that is 5" deep and the overall size is 8' x 4 '.

I would like to do several more of these in a series as I have done studies for them. The overall concept is one of sensuality, the beach of course, movement, changes, fragments and glimpses of multiple realities happening simultaneously. This one is sold.

The fun in this was expanding the possibilities. I got to use really big brushes, play with spatial relationships and color harmonies within my chosen palettes as well as surface playing off depth.

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More to come...

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Good morning.....


You see this beauty? You would not believed how good it smelled. Crisp, clean and fresh salty air filled my nostrils and my lungs. The sound was a gentle easy melody of overlapping waves peppered with a siren call from hungry gulls searching for breakfast.

This was 6 am or so EST on the Northeast Coast of Florida in the USA. I had the beach to myself. I seem to go when no one else wants her. That is fine with me. She is more than enough company and I can concentrate more deeply on the favor she bestows.

Whether you live on the coast, the mountains, the forest, the city or deep in the heartland of your country, get up, go in the morning and catch a sunrise. Your day will be better for it.

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More to come....

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sometimes a picture is worth.......


Thanks to all who visited "Happy Horizons" it was a hit!

I am regrouping a bit and so I thought in interim stages when I am developing new paintings that I will include some of my photography art that fuels my coastal journey. I don't often shoot on overcast days. I am a lover of sun drenched color. Scenes like this are an exception. I love the subtle tonalities. There is a soft play of light and you can feel the wind.

Seeing clearly all the expressions on the gull faces is amusing. Positive and negative shapes in this are fluid and open and there is a kind of random order to it...reminds me  a little of Matisse cutouts with a touch of dimension to the forms beyond flat shapes.

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More to come......

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2016