Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Edgartown Soul Cruiser


You know the true sailors. They are out in every kind of weather. Might be in a new sloop, an old cat, a schooner, a yawl you will see them all. This sailor was simply taking his time on a foggy morning cruising into Edgartown Harbor. I admired the ease of which everything fit, connected and worked with the southerly breeze.

The size of this painting is 16x20 inches oil on canvas. It is available. $1,800.00 You can contact me by email if interested in purchasing it.

I like the peace and gentleness evident in this work of art, one with the wind, the sea, one's craft and soul.

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More to come....

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014

More to come.....

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ogunquit Red......


There have been so many paintings that I have done where the viewer says "I know that spot."

More often than not it is Ogunquit Maine which is a place that is easy to recognize and love with it's estuaries and coves and wonderful arcing beach. Although there is not enough of the landscape to 'recognize' this little inlet in Ogunquit if I had pulled back a bit you would.

Sloops are interesting shapes for me with nice graceful lines and often a sweet 'pop' of color among the neutrals of nature where they sail. In this painting which is 9x12 oil on canvas I also liked that they hung the lifejacket over the boom and mainsail as an extra splash of color.

This one is sold. $1,200.00 framed. Quite a few of the folks that contact me have asked that I mention the prices that these works sold for so I shall include them.

A friend recently emailed me to say that she was happy that I was still providing the world with 'soul soothing" art. Yep, that's my intention. Thanks Elaine.

More to come....

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bosa Nova on the coast of Maine....


While I post this I am hearing Samba Da Bencao sung by Bebel Gilberto. Only one thing to do when you are born with a great name to a legend. Live up to it. Sounds that way to me. This painting however is up the coast in Maine. Now you might not think of the tall pine, the rolling hills down to the Penobscot would invoke the Bosa Nova vibe...Agua De Beber, maybe? And this is 'sweet water' and in my spirit wherever I am, this music, my art, Maine, Brasil and Rio, the Pacific Coast Highway, A1A  are a state of mind for me. Think 'sensual hyperflow slipstream ride." I dig serenity. Ha, now it's Cinamon and Clove by Sergio Mendes.66, get your kicks.

This is a 30x40 inch oil on canvas. It is Sold.

More to come...

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

We share the planet .


I love it when a story I want to tell just shows up when I turn a corner. I enhance move and edit of course. This was a scene in Hana Park in Atlantic Beach Florida.

This one is painted in watercolor on watercolor board. It is 16x20 inches. Sold.

I was speaking with a very talented artist recently who works mostly from instinct, imagination and follows an inner rhythm to a non representational form. Rather than as he stated that he did not think of a particular story to tell or an image when he started out. Well, even though I am a realist my aproach is actually similar to a non realist however since I love the coast I go out with my easel or camera 'hunting for paintings' as I once told a Mountie who stopped me in a restricted wildlife area. Who, by the way gave me carte blanche to follow my eye to any area in the preserve I wished now protected by his authority. A nice Godwink indeed.

The criteria by which my artist friend works is in my case what I choose to keep, notice, add or subtract in the scene. I persue what I am curious about. I am interested in a 'believable reality" Therefore I am not simply looking for 'bird' scenes or specific species. The idea has to work as a whole. When I saw this scene I was impressed at how comfortable the two families of birds seemed to be in one another's company.

These colors together, the arc of the row of White Ibis that leads to the Brown Pelican as a design element and then the repeat of that arc in the fallen trees in the background, the slashes of the beaks on the page, all are specific 'marks' and visual elements to me.

It is a testament to a peaceful coexistence.

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More to come....

All images, art and copy copyright Alan Phillips 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter from home


This front yard was the entrance to a cottage at the beach that was sequestered down at the end of a dirt road. So, just how great would it be to go out for your mail and have the fragrance of all the roses in bloom? Is that a little par avion I spy, a little international intrigue, romance?That is providing you still dig snail mail as I do with letters from friends and family in addition to invites to parties, gallery openings and festivals!!

The medium is watercolor on watercolor board and the size is 15x20 inches it is sold.

I hope you get some good news in the mail today and it brings you a smile like this painting does for me remembering all of the good news that came by postman. You might give your postal worker a smile while you are at it.

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More to come......

All images and art copyright Alan Phillips 2014

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Opus De La Mar


Whenever I am at the foot of the dunes and the next level inland is populated with dune grass and beyond it scrub, it almost always feels as though it is lyrical to me.

The dunes undulate, the dune grass swirls.The spots of leaves as little counterpoints of rhthym and I do have a lyrical and poetic intent in my art. They are meant to be respites. I want to evoke moments of sanctuary. Among the dunes and grasses are the remnants of shells, whole shells and bits of the tideline wash when it rises up to that level all creating a soothing composition.

This particular oil painting which is 30x40 on canvas feels like a melody to me, as I often feel the music as much as I hear it and then of course it's a journey! This piece is available @ $5,000.00 US.

My soundtrack might have the lilting flute of Herbie Mann, it's definetly an instrumental. Perhaps a bit of crisp punctuation by Keith Jarrett's piano and some strings, Ron Carter riffing a walking bass line, an echo of Yo Yo Ma's cello? They were some of the muscicians I was listening to while working on  my opus.

Here's to hoping you can hear what I see.

More to come....

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The infinite wisdom of sand.....


The way I see it these beautiful sculptures from the vast and open sea have journeyed thousands of miles, perhaps lived longer than you or I. They come to rest on our shores to bask in the sun and if left to themselves may become a part of the beach they lay claim too. I find each one unique. In each exquisite design, coloration, the wear of the edges, holes, marks and variation in shape to be of infinite interest to me for inspiration and for making art.

I was experimenting with tonal dimensions in this one. How do you create depth and interest, volume with very closely related values on a very shallow plane? Warm and cool are such subtle shifts in the sand and the shells. I also dig the variations in surface texture to create more interest in the broader areas of the bag and sand.

When you see it in front of you, this one an oil 30x40 inches on canvas you feel as though you are sitting on the beach with them, as though maybe it was you who collected them. It looks great in my studio with white walls however now that grey is a trend this would look so cool on a light and airy grey wall. This piece is available @ $5,000.00 US

You probably caught it but if you haven't as with the title of this piece there is also the infinity symbol made from one of the bag's handles.

More to come....

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reflecting on the simple treasures.....


How simple life was when we were young? I am still discovering, exploring and seeking. The sea holds an infinite number of secrets, treasures and pleasures. I was in this scene on countless occasions at this age down in the vast stretch of beach afforded by all parts of the Cape in Massachusetts, enjoying the company of fellow beachcombers with no agenda other than to be surprised, laughing and joyful at each new find.

This is a watercolor on watercolor board about 16x20 inches. Sold.

I have been shooting reference and collecting material for the next wave of my gallery art that is very focused on the shore exploring relationships of sky, sun and sea so if that's of special interest to you stay tuned, more to come........

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fresh Mayport Shrimp.....


Some of you who know me well know I love food and I love to cook. Back when I was the in house illustrator for Water's Edge Magazine I had the food page assignment every month for two years. Now as a cook who is a huge fan of fresh, real fresh, still wigglin fresh....there is nothing in the world so tasty as Mayport shrimp. Somehow they manage to be more flavorful with almost nutty, kind of touch of almond flavor. My personal favorite is to boil them until just pink, heads on, then peel, get a nice skillet going with extra virgin olive oil, a touch of butter and two cloves of garlic sent through your garlic press, get it hot but not sizzlin place the shrimp in for three minutes turning once add a splash of vermouth, plate and add fresh squeeze of lemon. Tender! Tasty!

You may have figured that the article was about shrimp, you are right and I thought, loving fresh as much as I do lets get it right from the dock! Truth is I am also a fan of little worn skiffs like the one painted here and of course all those calling gulls the natural lunch whistle when the fleets come!

This is a watercolor 16x20 inches on watercolor board.

More to come

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

In September.....


I have yet to write the poem fully but the title is "I feel September Coming on."  It generally happens in New England. More often than not it occurs around August 15th. There is an almost imperceptable shift in temperature a few degrees cooler. It makes me smile. Sweater weather is a great comfort for me. I feel the change in my being. I have the strong memories of course of heading back to school. I have the memories of it being a thrill to meet new people and reconnect with friends I had not seen for the summer.

Yet there is a thread of the congruous passing of the years, leaves falling are a visual metaphor for quamtum shifts from chilhood into adolesence and adulthood. I see a timeline of me in in history of my life and those I have loved along the way This solitary gull appears to be lost in thought. The cool breeze is ruffling his feathers a touch. It evokes in me a nod to welcoming my favorite season before it arrives.

This work of art is a watercolor on paper 15x20 inches.

More to come....

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014