Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bosa Nova on the coast of Maine....


While I post this I am hearing Samba Da Bencao sung by Bebel Gilberto. Only one thing to do when you are born with a great name to a legend. Live up to it. Sounds that way to me. This painting however is up the coast in Maine. Now you might not think of the tall pine, the rolling hills down to the Penobscot would invoke the Bosa Nova vibe...Agua De Beber, maybe? And this is 'sweet water' and in my spirit wherever I am, this music, my art, Maine, Brasil and Rio, the Pacific Coast Highway, A1A  are a state of mind for me. Think 'sensual hyperflow slipstream ride." I dig serenity. Ha, now it's Cinamon and Clove by Sergio Mendes.66, get your kicks.

This is a 30x40 inch oil on canvas. It is Sold.

More to come...

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014

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