Friday, September 30, 2016

Prelude To A Sultry Evening

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One day, wouldn't it be fun for one day to be able to cruise along the tree line of the dunes like a Royal Tern? This is what I refer to as elevated thinking. It's where I want my art to send you, where you may feel free to feel free. Are you there yet?

Prelude To A Sultry Evening is oil painted on canvas gallery wrap style. The size is 36" x 48" and is available for purchase by contacting me at or through my website where you can find pricing.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Glowing In The Coastal Drift


You know what I mean by the coastal drift right?  It's timeless. It makes you feel timeless. Perhaps you have been at the beach and had that very relaxing day and the tension is gone. You notice the clouds, you notice the path in the lazy float of the birds, the colors in the birds and the colors reflected in the birds that are white.

It's almost time to head back home. The temperature drops a bit and you are feeling light and easy. This is the moment. This is the going from nowhere to now here and you can float on that easy rhythm as if you were a bird or a cloud or a sea oat. That's the coastal drift.

I am sure you have figured out by now that my Coastal Journey series is about a feeling. It's my version and communication about rising. In my work I am searching for ways to present the opportunity to connect. Connect with nature, connect with your inner calm, coonect with being alive in an exquisite moment.

This is an oil on canvas at the 36" x 48" size and available for you to add to your fine art collection by visiting for pricing and please feel free to contact me there or for further information.

"Glowing In The Coastal Drift" is a prime example of my love of light, color, deft brushwork that creates a tangible reality but is not photographic. This piece also features a subtle yet dynamic composition leading you into the distance balanced with point and counter point.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

On Morning Marsh Meditation


Truth be told I love the light, I love the color, amazing unfettered quality, the textures, the space, the inherent nature of each bird, tree, inlet but what I am really interested in is combining all of these elements so that they convey to you the elevated feeling I had when I stepped into this scene.

My wish for you, each of you is that you will breathe a little easier today. My hope is that my art will encourage you and bring you to 'there' just a moment to leave any thing that worries you to be for a moment and rise.

This is an oil on canvas. It is in the 36" x 48" size and is available for purchase for your collection on my showcase and you can contact me by email for further information.

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More to come....

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Monday, September 26, 2016

The Orange Farmer.


Have you ever visited a farm? Have you been to an orchard or a grove? I have been to a few and I love it. First of all it's acres of nature, often miles of natural growing things that just gives me the feeling of wellness.

I miss the apple orchards of New England where the landscape can be hilly and you seem to be walking through a quiet magic garden. Then there are the farmers, who just seem to be so down to earth. I mean they are of the earth really, and owning the science to understand how things grow. They are natural nurturers.

My office uniform is generally a pair of painters pants and a blue denim shirt so the apparel of the farmer appeals to me too. I like casual, no pretense, let's roll up our sleeves look. Let's start a movement of "Farm Couture"

This is a watercolor on board 15" x 20" and I like the simplicity of the movement with the circle space where the farmer's head is and the oranges circling with a line down to the pail and then up around behind him.

I guess it's a case of comparing oranges to oranges?

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If you are interested in purchasing my art for your collection please visit and enjoy the works offered. You can reach me by email listed there or

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Still Life Grille Life


One of the benefits of living on the coast is all of the fresh produce we get to enjoy.

Stripped Bass, seasoned to perfection, stuffed with garlic, scallions, a wee bit of jalapeno and topped with grilled bell peppers as cooked to tenderness and add a very well chilled Chateau Haut Brion Blanc to sip if you are feeling flush!

One of my fine art cooking pieces in watercolor on board, 16" x 18"

A fun challenge with this work was creating the three layers of shallow depth, the peppers and the fish, the grille and the coals. Further adding to the dynamic was getting the glowing coals just right (which I painted first incidentally). The technique I used was to start light and build up the intensity of the chroma a little at a time with the grays and blues and the yellows and reds.

Bon App├ętit !

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Natrural Camo


My job takes me to places where I feel at home. Home is where the awe is I suppose you could say. This beautiful Great Blue Heron is so color perfect in adaptation to it's environment. I have had to learn to be still, to anticipate the waders in their habitat waiting silently around each bend and to stalk them as carefully as they stalk the baitfish, crabs and other dinner delights to get a good photograph of them. Check out those oysters!

This is one of my fine art photography series.

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Let's Get Lost.


I dig Chet Baker. One of my favorite songs that he nails is "Let's Get Lost."  written by Jimmy McHugh and lyrics by Frank Loesser.

You put the top down on your car. You hit the Pacific Coast Highway or Route A1A and you call up this tune with your favorite squeeze and the concept just enfolds you.

This painting is a portrait of a place where I like to get lost. It is remote, lovely, quiet and the sparkling ocean is behind you as you look up the face of a sensual rolling dune. I feel in awe of it's presence and can imagine I am floating along in the lifting thermals with the gulls.

This is oil on canvas panel 12" x16"

You can find this painting on my website

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More to come.....

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