Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fellow Travelers


Hi Everybody.

One of my great  comforts and a very grounding element in my life is the company of the birds that frequent, dine, and clean the beach.

They are a constant and much like the canaries in the mines a telltale sign in the health of the environment.

I hope you enjoy this gull enjoying it's flight in the warm sun along mine and her coastal journey.

This is from fine art photography series.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Full Circle


Hi everybody.

There is much to ponder on a beach walk. I contemplate the sky, the surf, the tideline, the wildlife from surfers to seagulls.

After a storm you may find the beach littered with the coastal sprawl of new shells or old shells new to the beach from being swept off the bottom by the storm's surge. The sun is bright and the sky impossibly blue and you hunt for a special jewel.

I wonder about the life of things. I wonder what they have seen and how long they may have been around. In addition to other elements that make up the sand on the beach there are ancient bits of ocean history in the shell fragments that soak in the sunshine there. They were after all once a living creature's home.

My friend MJ lives at the beach. She is a coastal gal. This photograph was taken of the side of her home where the shells, some whole and some in fragments live in the stucco. She and her family are surrounded by the residual energy of the ocean's touch each day.


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Monday, October 24, 2016

Her Talons Did Not Exceed Her Grasp


Hi Everybody.

There is seldom a more beautiful sight to me than one of nature's stunning creatures at home in their natural habitat.

This Osprey had made it's home close to a small pond that was teeming with fish. I have observed them hunting at the ocean's edge on almost every visit to the shore.

Fast, agile, smart and relentless they have the patience and the will to continue until they get what they are after and no matter the pangs of hunger always bring the reward back home. Wow.

I like the composition in this photograph and as angular as everything is there is a certain balance to it. You may also notice the rich browns and creams set against the blue gray foil of the sky and how the tiny vine branches circling the trunk give it a little extra interest like sketch marks defining the object in a line drawing.

Here is another in my fine art photography series.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Lizard Brain


This one sure is keeping an eye on me, ready to bounce! It took a while to warm to these creatures. A friend once told me he did not think they were indigenous. That perhaps they hitched a ride in someone's suitcase from another clime. I am more a fan of the green ones. They have a slightly different shape and seem calmer, more laid back, and you know I love my California blues and greens!

I am an artist though and beauty is where I see it and find it. He is savoring the warmth of that starlight energy I know.. I loved the tonality and light in this little vignette. I also liked the softer hues of blues, browns, yellows and orange.

This is another from my photography fine art series.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Roosting Egrets At Walt's Fishing Shack


Hi everybody. Way down in St. Augustine, Florida if you take a few roads off the main road until you come to a dirt road and then follow that road out through the salt marsh, way out in the middle of a secluded vista is Walt's fishing shack.

Are you a curious sort? I explore the road less traveled. When you do sometimes you get a surprise like this lovely little scene.

I really like the color in this one, the composition leads you into the scene and the shack played against the roosting egrets is a nice little point-counterpoint.

This is an oil painting 12" x16" on canvas. You can find more information at my website on price and easy contact for inquiries. If you would like to stay up with my progress please sign up for my newsletter by adding your email to my list!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Beach Sunflower Safari


Hi everybody.

What is it about those first few moments you step on the sand heading down to the beach? There is excitement, anticipation, the fragrance of the sea, the breezes and wow, you get these beautiful little flowers (if you are paying attention) that welcome you with a very sunny disposition!

There are many paths to bliss. This is one of mine.

This is an oil painting 14" x 14" on canvas. It is available for purchase by contacting me
through my website

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Monday, October 10, 2016

We Talked About Everything Under The Sun.


Hi everybody. Ever had a friend that you could tell anything to? I have. I do. It makes me feel fortunate indeed. There are some that are no longer walking the planet. I miss them.

This piece is a tribute to them. I remember my departed as it were. This is not a maudlin exercise by any stretch. It is a fond remembrance and  an honoring.

This is an oil painting on canvas 16" x 12 "

There is a great line from that James Taylor song Fire and Rain

"I 've seen fire and I've seen rain,. I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end. There were lonely times when I could not find a friend but I really thought I'd see you again."

So today, let somebody know, that is special to you, that you are glad they are here.

I'm glad you are here. Thanks for stopping by today.

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More to come.....

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