Monday, October 24, 2016

Her Talons Did Not Exceed Her Grasp


Hi Everybody.

There is seldom a more beautiful sight to me than one of nature's stunning creatures at home in their natural habitat.

This Osprey had made it's home close to a small pond that was teeming with fish. I have observed them hunting at the ocean's edge on almost every visit to the shore.

Fast, agile, smart and relentless they have the patience and the will to continue until they get what they are after and no matter the pangs of hunger always bring the reward back home. Wow.

I like the composition in this photograph and as angular as everything is there is a certain balance to it. You may also notice the rich browns and creams set against the blue gray foil of the sky and how the tiny vine branches circling the trunk give it a little extra interest like sketch marks defining the object in a line drawing.

Here is another in my fine art photography series.

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