Thursday, October 27, 2016

Full Circle


Hi everybody.

There is much to ponder on a beach walk. I contemplate the sky, the surf, the tideline, the wildlife from surfers to seagulls.

After a storm you may find the beach littered with the coastal sprawl of new shells or old shells new to the beach from being swept off the bottom by the storm's surge. The sun is bright and the sky impossibly blue and you hunt for a special jewel.

I wonder about the life of things. I wonder what they have seen and how long they may have been around. In addition to other elements that make up the sand on the beach there are ancient bits of ocean history in the shell fragments that soak in the sunshine there. They were after all once a living creature's home.

My friend MJ lives at the beach. She is a coastal gal. This photograph was taken of the side of her home where the shells, some whole and some in fragments live in the stucco. She and her family are surrounded by the residual energy of the ocean's touch each day.


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More to come....

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