Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Tricolored Heron.


Hi everybody. Here is another of our local wading birds.

This is an oil portrait on canvas 11" x 14"
She had lovely markings and was very healthy and strong. That's always a good indicator of the health of the ecosystem where I find them.

I liked the warm color palette in this painting it was late afternoon and the pinkish color in the foreground water came from the sun and the sky reflected as the tide was outbound. I also like the design in this composition and the way he commands the space.

She was gracious enough to pose for me when I approached her. Confidence is always attractive!

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More to come.....

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Friday, February 10, 2017

White Ibis


Hello everybody.

Listening to Pat Metheny right now playing solo on an acoustic guitar, "And I love her" by the Beatles. Want some quiet? Want some ease and beauty and loveliness to start your day? Have a listen on Youtube.

Even if I do not have my headphones on I often hear melodies that are reverent and quiet when I come upon scenes in nature. This Ibis was going about it's business without regard for me. That's how I like it. I simply get to observe and often make art about the beauty like this that I discover on my coastal journey.

I dig the creamy white contrast against the gray blue of the water streaming out at the end of the high to low tide transition. The small snails give this photograph a counterpoint of detail and then there is the red around the eye and the pink legs for just a touch of color. The Ibis has such an interesting shape, don't you think?

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Thank you for stopping by today.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bubba Duval In The Shallows Of The Flats


Hi everybody.

This is an area on the way out to Amelia Island in Florida. It was early in the morning and I saw this young man in his skiff heading back home. I just love that old boat marked by years of adventures and journeys navigating the waters to find the treasures that nature gives so freely.

There is something wonderful and intimate in a  relationship between the salt marsh, the ocean in an old well worn, hardy skiff. The waterways are wide open, uncrowded and lift my spirits completely when I'm out on the flats. Bubba was heading home from dawn patrol with some flounder, shrimp, crab and oysters. Happiness!

In addition to the grace and connection I feel to old and functional art like this boat I am drawn to the color shifts on the water from faster moving water to slow and the reflections of light along with the color of what's in the water and what's beneath it.

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Thank you for looking at my art today.

More to come.....

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Monday, February 6, 2017

A Very Fine Feathered Friend

Hello everybody. This is my portrait of a local Great White Egret, one of many done and I expect many more to come as I find eternal and magical grace in their form and flight.

The word "egret" comes from the French word "aigrette" that means both "silver heron" and "brush", referring to the long super fine feathers that flow down an egret's back during the breeding season as they are shown here..

They were endangered at one point in the United States because over hunting them for their plumes for adornment on hats.

There seems to be a healthy population where I live in Florida. I am grateful for that.

Thank you for stopping by today.

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More to come....

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