Saturday, November 29, 2014

Reddish Marsh Heron Study


These birds in flight and wading for dinner are as about elegant a scene as I find on my adventures around the shore. Great Blues, Little Egrets, Great Egrets
Little Blues, Snowy Egret, Black Crowned Night Herons,Bitterns, Green Marsh Herons and Cattle Egret are my neighbors in the marsh.

If you stay tuned over time you will see many of them in my work or as a featured subject.

This one is a watercolor on D'Arches paper. It is in a private collection.

Hope everybody's Thanksgiving was delicious and happy. Throughout the day I found that there were so many more things to be thankful for that I had overlooked. Sometimes it takes a moment to slow down and reflect.

More to come....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Ultimate Dubliner.....


This is a very stylized portrait of James Joyce that I completed some time ago. I know this is a place where mostly coastal and wildlife genres rule, however I think Mr. Joyce may have enjoyed a wild life for a moment or two.

Thing is, sometimes I look at older works and well, quite frankly they hold up. I was always fond of this one. Considered Ulysses, Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man required reading when I was an artist as a young man. Great literature, writers and books have been faithful companions and beloved educators in my life since the time when I could read my first sentence.

It is an oil painting on canvas 22x18 inches.

One of the things I admired about Joyce was the strength of his mind, his determination and unapologetic conviction of his talent and it's value. Besides every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man. Thank you ZZ.

Here in the USA we are on the cusp of our Thanksgiving celebration. I am grateful for so much in my life. I wish all who are reading this whether celebrating in your country or not happiness in your life and to notice all of your own good fortune. Thanks for checking in.

More to come....

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Lazy afternoon in St Augustine.


What is it about taking a nap? Choosing a perfect spot with perfect light, perfect quiet or outside with a perfect breeze. It could be a big comfy chair, a welcoming couch, a secluded window seat or my personal favorite a Chesapeake Hammock. The big schnooze, under and out, a spellbound quick dream no more than an hour. You wake up feeling refreshed, renewed, revived and rejuvenated! Ah, but that that sensual, delightful descent is what it's all about. You snuggle down, no cares and then drift into bliss.

This was a very good friend of mine. Her beauty was classic and she carried herself with style, taste, smarts, manners, elegance and a generous heart. She was a gifted napper.

I painted this one as a watercolor on watercolor board 30x40 inches it was sold for $4,500.00 US.

More to come....

All images copyright Alan Phillips 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Oh, I remember days when it felt like it was raining daisies.....


The first time I heard that line it was sung by Kenny Rankin but equally as profound sung by John Sebastian to a different arrangement. I thank them both for I smile big when I hear either of them.

Imagine a day when the temperature is in the low 70s. She is smart, beautiful, funny, confident charming and an athlete (tennis, swimming and fencing). She speaks four languages conversationally and has pitch perfect taste in fashion and food.

This was such a day. She was on her way to have a picnic with me in a place that only we knew. Baguettes, bordeaux and some pellegrino were packed in her bike basket with a riot of daisies and I brought the blanket, the camembert, wine glasses and an anticipation of immortality. Our affections were strewn about the landscape with tender abandon. There were such days once upon a time. They were hers and they were mine.

The wisdom of the sages suggest that when you have a choice; choose happiness. It is however a state of mind that must be defined. This painting was one of my happy moments in time, in my life.

It is a watercolor on board 24x 12 inches. Sold. $2,500.00 US. It was purchased by a scientist in the USA.

Don't forget you can visit and look under sunnybeachman to find many watercolors I have done printed on phone holders, caps, mugs, t-shirts and items too many to name!

More to come....

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Gratitude for those who give....


All over the world there are people who give their time, money, talents and love to those in need. Thank you.

This is the life saving station in Jacksonville Beach Florida , USA. The adults and the kids that work there and save lives there work their tails off in training and alert readiness preparation. You can get a look at the new recruits getting a punishing regimental workout each day in the begining of each new season.

As an artist when I first moved to the area it was a 'must do' item for me to put on my list to paint . It has that old mission style architecture and always enjoys the sun from every angle in the sky each day giving it a prominent landmark position on the beach for miles.

This is a watercolor on board 20x30 inches. Sold. The original asking price was $3,500.00 US

Volunteering is a thread that holds together the tapestry of our humanity evident in our works. Salut

More to come....

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Miles from nowhere....


Miles from nowhere, Guess I'll take my time, Oh yeah, to reach there...what a great line from that Cat Stevens tune. I often feel that spirit when I get a chance to wander in a new coastal terrain. I do take the road less traveled. I am actually in pursuit of it. My lifelong friend Kerry once said to me, "We are the ones clearing the path of the road less traveled."  KT had wisdom to spare.

There are times that I question the logic of this. There are times that I know I would not have been immersed in such abundant splendor had I not taken that road.

When I am barefoot on soft sand walking towards a vista of calm ocean and enjoying the rainbow of color reflected in the clouds during a sunset, it brings me a feeling of wellness every time. I send that thought off to you right now.

 This is an oil painting on canvas 18x24. Sold. $3,000.00

More to come......

All images and art copyright Alan Phillips 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A quick sketch of Claude


Every now and again even though I make my living as an artist it's fun to do a sketch or a small work just because I delight in the making of the art. These are often sketches of my favorite creators from art, photography, literature, music, dance, architecture, actors and thinkers. I will include them from time to time while in the process of creating more coastal art for galleries, private sales and commissions.

Claude Monet has informed so much of my light and color vocabulary along with the inspiration to think and find one's own way. Merci beaucoup.

I have been looking at and enjoying his art for over 30 years and it still holds it's power for me. Something I aspire to live up too.

More to come....

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014

Saturday, November 15, 2014

There are places I remember...

....all my life though some have changed....I know I'll often stop and think about them. In my life I love you more. It makes me smile to wonder why Beatles lyrics and music is still relevant and simply profound after all this time?


I have cherished memories of my friends. Some are long standing and some are recent. In the relationships with both men and women friends we were often warriors together in sports, quests and fishing expeditions and as artists trying to make sense of our unique talent, skill and intuition in a world that often expected conformity. Personally, triumphs for me are far more enjoyable when the creating, work and effort and the win are shared.

I attended a small private school in New Hampshire during my high school years. The winters were powewrful and drifts would often flow from the top of the dorm roof to the ground. Make no mistake I loved it. But the thing is; when spring would emerge from it's slumber and the first warm days began to frequent our mountainside my tribe and I relished the idea of heading to the lake to sit shirtless on the rocks and dream of the future. I could not have imagined at that time how much I would embrace life, art and joy on my journey, the friends I would be lucky enough to have and in my life love you more.

This is a watercolor on board. 18x24 inches. $2,000.00 US plus shipping and handling.

If you like my watercolor art be sure to check out under the shop called sunnybeachman and you will find a full range of products with my art on them.

When reviewing past blogs if you see a work you are interested in please contact me here at  with your inquiry.

More to come....

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sunday Morning at Speakers Corner......


Picture in your mind a beautiful fall morning. You are in London. You are scouting   Hyde Park for oils and watercolors. I mean I am. What I mean by scouting is that most of my art comes from observation in the real world reality that we both can see and touch, certainly a journalistic narrative when it comes to street tribes.

On this day though I am thinking perhaps some wildlife; believe it or not as I saw some white pelicans in the pond and those cool blue dorries, well, you know how I feel about boats, small boats, wooden boats.. I go out hunting for scenes or ideas to paint. Stumble upon might have been invented by me if I was paying attention!

What was and is delightful is I did stumble upon a festival of characters. Are you kidding? People in jesters hats, heck jesters pants! Colors are rippling across the green lawn, stripes, polka dots, reds, blues, greens, yellows, orange, pink and that's just folks hair! Man I was in image heaven.

I did listen to a few of the didactic diatribes. I shrugged my shoulders and went in search of more visual conversations.

One of those that I discovered was this couple shown in this watercolor painting. It has hung in my home or studio where I see it every day for a couple of decades. You see they seemed to be a magnet for people. Friends approached them and you could almost see a warm vibe eminating from them (brings to mind Carlos Castanada and the energy projections he discussed in The Teachings of Don Juan) the interactions were smiles and hugs and they had a stroller with a young child. I loved the guy's skull cap. When they saw me taking photos they just smiled and went on with their day. These days I would have introduced myself but I did not have the presence of mind to do so back then and so they will forever remain a happy mystery and an idea.

Occasionally I will step outside my coastal genre if it seems appropriate in sharing my art. Hope this brings you a smile.

This one is not for sale.

More to come.....

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014

Slippery Fish!


Frankly, more to the point, welcome back if you checked in yesterday and were looking at these fine Beeliner Snapper, Vermilion Snapper and then discovered they had slipped away. I was foolin with the page late last night and lost the image even though the post and the image were available on Google Plus.

Still have lots to learn about blogging, art, food, science, photography, social media....need I go on? Fish too, as I was researching varies species this morning and got into aquaculture and bio science before I finished my first cup of coffee. So, you really really think you would like to have an insatiably curious mind, huh? 

This is a watercolor on watercolor board. 15x20 inches and $1,000.00 US plus shipping.

More to come......

All images and art copyright Alan Phillips 2014

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Memories of Polo at Conyers Farm.


I have not been back to Greenwich Connecticut in a while. Traveling the back roads in the enclave of the glamorous, powerful and famous, it is a town or was when I was roaming around; one of discerning taste about the sitelines and natural beauty. There were many areas where I really felt the country, woodland vibe, authentic, protected and revered and I had not expected that. Finding Conyers Farm and The Greenwich Polo Club matches was like opening a present for me.

Sunday afternoons I got to experience an elegant bastion of civilization with matches on the beautiful polo field and the picnic grounds and was warmly welcomed. Again unexpected because I was not powerful, glamorous or famous. Tommy Glynn the Harvard Grad,  Greenwich resident 'polo guru' once said to me, "Polo is the most democratic of sports." Creme fraiche anyone? Perhaps with some strawberries bluesberries and a flute of champagne offered by a new friend?

I had been attending for 3 years or so and decided it would be a fun subject to paint. The club featured me in their magazine one year and I believe I did 6 or 7 in the series that they published and among them this was not only a favorite of mine but of equestrian fans in general whether polo followers or not. It is a rather tender moment between two warriors resting up until the next chukker.

This was an oasis for me. I loved the open space. Can you dig that the clubhouse was that stone building in the background, originally used for storing apples?  I always left those matches, played for worthy charities mind you, feeling exhilarated, renewed and ready for Monday! Thank you Peter.

This is an oil on canvas, 30x40 inches. I might show some of the remaining pieces from time to time in 'the favorite hits' category, they are all 30x40 inches oil on canvas and are for sale at $6,000.00 each US. Plus shipping. Simply send me an email if you are interested at

A reminder: You can purchase fun items, caps, mugs, t shirts with my watercolor art on them over at just look under sunnybeachman.

More to come.....

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Soup for the Soul, Soup for the Body....


Last night I bought some fresh Mayport shrimp. I had a busy day and in the unfolding tasks to be accomplished I did not get hungry and so, did not eat lunch which I make and bring with me each day. Lunch is always salad and in this instance spinach, avacado, tomato, mushrooms seasoned with a touch of extra vigin olive oil and salt and pepper. What I decide to do was make the shrimp and put it in the salad.

Here's the thing. I have a particular way of making the shrimp and as I was dicing and chopping garlic, rosemary, basil, mushrooms to flavor the sautee I realized how amazingly relaxed I was. I mean, I always am. Got the music going, you know a little Herbie Mann and I'm fresh from the shower. But it is something about the food, connecting to the food. I recognize the soil, the water and the starlight inherent in each. I recognize that each element took a particular journey to get to my cutting board and whether I was channeling Jamie Oliver, Charlie Trotter, Anthony Bourdain or Andre Soltner I have traveled many miles of experiments, reading, advice and recipes to be able to prepare and eat a simple (yet mouthwatering) dish as easy as a shrimp and salad. If we are indeed what we eat then I am joy.

The temperature is dropping around here. Soup always comes to mind when the chill is on.
This piece was a watercolor commission for Water's Edge Magazine and it is one of my favorites for composition, palette and concept. It is 15x20 on board and is sold at $2,500.00 shipping. If interested you can reach me by email at

One of my favorite things about making soup is I make quantities! I get to pass out containers to friends for sampling!

More to come......

All images and art copyright Alan Phillips 2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Descending Dusk On The Savannah


The paint is still wet on this one. I had done the study a year ago along with 10 others for a client who lives on the edge of the ICW. Some were of pelicans. The couple chose a pelican piece where it's evident it's winter. I loved the study I had done for this so it goes up on the wall until I can find the time to paint the finished oil version, voila! This one is summertime and this beautiful Great White Egret happened to catch my eye while I was casting my fiddler for some reds.

I know many of the fisherman I run into are in awe of the bounty of nature when presented with
amazing wildlife or a changing sky over the marsh at sunset.

This is an oil on canvas. I forgot to measure but close to 20x24 inches. It is available at $2,800.00 which includes the frame, US dollars plus shipping.

I have another friend I would like to recommend. Phil Rice the creative shaman and wordsmith over at which is an arts journal. You will find an assortment of talented writers, artists, philosophers, poets, boxers, thinkers and muscicians and real honest to goodness books. I don't know for sure but they can all probably dance too!

Remember you can always head over to and find many of my better known watercolors on a range of fun products at reasonable prices, just look under the heading sunnybeachman (that's me of course)

More to come.....

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our Planet Our Table


The farm is a place that I always feel at home. These tomatoes were stacked up on a chair outside a farm shed in Center Strafford New Hampshire.

I have enjoyed visiting a half acre plot or a few yards of fenced in dirt in Boston's Back Bay, perhaps we call that one a garden, or a property that stretches as far as the eye can see with orchards filled with delicious fruits. Do you not marvel at the fact that with proper soil, water and sun this stuff grows out of the ground?

I grew up in a suburb of Boston and there was not much farmland that I could easily get too however most folks had a pear,apple or cherry tree in the yard along with a summer garden and it was a delight to snatch a fresh giant tomato straight off the vine and season it with a little olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. My taste buds were singing! I really dig the slow food idea,the whole food idea,the fresh farm, locally grown ingredients idea. I love to eat fresh, beautifully prepared and brilliantly shared meals.

In Florida it is wonderful also to be able to stroll into the backyard to retrieve a few lemons, a mango, an orange or grapefruit to enhance  your fresh caught flounder dish!

My friend Iain Broadbent is a magnificent chef. One of the more knowledgeable chefs I have met about nutrition and food properties in general in addition to his talents in the kitchen. You might want to visit his online offerings over at and sample for yourself what someone with vision can create with the intention to eat healthy and delicious gourmet meals. His Chicken Tangine will melt in your mouth!

The painting above is a watercolor on board and is approximately 15x20 inches and is available at $2,500.00 US. If interested just send an email to me at

Remember you can visit online and look under sunnybeachman to find many articles of clothing, hats, mugs and cases for phones with my watercolor art on them.

More to come...

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