Friday, November 7, 2014

Soup for the Soul, Soup for the Body....


Last night I bought some fresh Mayport shrimp. I had a busy day and in the unfolding tasks to be accomplished I did not get hungry and so, did not eat lunch which I make and bring with me each day. Lunch is always salad and in this instance spinach, avacado, tomato, mushrooms seasoned with a touch of extra vigin olive oil and salt and pepper. What I decide to do was make the shrimp and put it in the salad.

Here's the thing. I have a particular way of making the shrimp and as I was dicing and chopping garlic, rosemary, basil, mushrooms to flavor the sautee I realized how amazingly relaxed I was. I mean, I always am. Got the music going, you know a little Herbie Mann and I'm fresh from the shower. But it is something about the food, connecting to the food. I recognize the soil, the water and the starlight inherent in each. I recognize that each element took a particular journey to get to my cutting board and whether I was channeling Jamie Oliver, Charlie Trotter, Anthony Bourdain or Andre Soltner I have traveled many miles of experiments, reading, advice and recipes to be able to prepare and eat a simple (yet mouthwatering) dish as easy as a shrimp and salad. If we are indeed what we eat then I am joy.

The temperature is dropping around here. Soup always comes to mind when the chill is on.
This piece was a watercolor commission for Water's Edge Magazine and it is one of my favorites for composition, palette and concept. It is 15x20 on board and is sold at $2,500.00 shipping. If interested you can reach me by email at

One of my favorite things about making soup is I make quantities! I get to pass out containers to friends for sampling!

More to come......

All images and art copyright Alan Phillips 2014