Friday, November 21, 2014

Gratitude for those who give....


All over the world there are people who give their time, money, talents and love to those in need. Thank you.

This is the life saving station in Jacksonville Beach Florida , USA. The adults and the kids that work there and save lives there work their tails off in training and alert readiness preparation. You can get a look at the new recruits getting a punishing regimental workout each day in the begining of each new season.

As an artist when I first moved to the area it was a 'must do' item for me to put on my list to paint . It has that old mission style architecture and always enjoys the sun from every angle in the sky each day giving it a prominent landmark position on the beach for miles.

This is a watercolor on board 20x30 inches. Sold. The original asking price was $3,500.00 US

Volunteering is a thread that holds together the tapestry of our humanity evident in our works. Salut

More to come....

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