Sunday, November 9, 2014

Memories of Polo at Conyers Farm.


I have not been back to Greenwich Connecticut in a while. Traveling the back roads in the enclave of the glamorous, powerful and famous, it is a town or was when I was roaming around; one of discerning taste about the sitelines and natural beauty. There were many areas where I really felt the country, woodland vibe, authentic, protected and revered and I had not expected that. Finding Conyers Farm and The Greenwich Polo Club matches was like opening a present for me.

Sunday afternoons I got to experience an elegant bastion of civilization with matches on the beautiful polo field and the picnic grounds and was warmly welcomed. Again unexpected because I was not powerful, glamorous or famous. Tommy Glynn the Harvard Grad,  Greenwich resident 'polo guru' once said to me, "Polo is the most democratic of sports." Creme fraiche anyone? Perhaps with some strawberries bluesberries and a flute of champagne offered by a new friend?

I had been attending for 3 years or so and decided it would be a fun subject to paint. The club featured me in their magazine one year and I believe I did 6 or 7 in the series that they published and among them this was not only a favorite of mine but of equestrian fans in general whether polo followers or not. It is a rather tender moment between two warriors resting up until the next chukker.

This was an oasis for me. I loved the open space. Can you dig that the clubhouse was that stone building in the background, originally used for storing apples?  I always left those matches, played for worthy charities mind you, feeling exhilarated, renewed and ready for Monday! Thank you Peter.

This is an oil on canvas, 30x40 inches. I might show some of the remaining pieces from time to time in 'the favorite hits' category, they are all 30x40 inches oil on canvas and are for sale at $6,000.00 each US. Plus shipping. Simply send me an email if you are interested at

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More to come.....

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