Sunday, November 2, 2014

Descending Dusk On The Savannah


The paint is still wet on this one. I had done the study a year ago along with 10 others for a client who lives on the edge of the ICW. Some were of pelicans. The couple chose a pelican piece where it's evident it's winter. I loved the study I had done for this so it goes up on the wall until I can find the time to paint the finished oil version, voila! This one is summertime and this beautiful Great White Egret happened to catch my eye while I was casting my fiddler for some reds.

I know many of the fisherman I run into are in awe of the bounty of nature when presented with
amazing wildlife or a changing sky over the marsh at sunset.

This is an oil on canvas. I forgot to measure but close to 20x24 inches. It is available at $2,800.00 which includes the frame, US dollars plus shipping.

I have another friend I would like to recommend. Phil Rice the creative shaman and wordsmith over at which is an arts journal. You will find an assortment of talented writers, artists, philosophers, poets, boxers, thinkers and muscicians and real honest to goodness books. I don't know for sure but they can all probably dance too!

Remember you can always head over to and find many of my better known watercolors on a range of fun products at reasonable prices, just look under the heading sunnybeachman (that's me of course)

More to come.....

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014