Monday, November 24, 2014

Lazy afternoon in St Augustine.


What is it about taking a nap? Choosing a perfect spot with perfect light, perfect quiet or outside with a perfect breeze. It could be a big comfy chair, a welcoming couch, a secluded window seat or my personal favorite a Chesapeake Hammock. The big schnooze, under and out, a spellbound quick dream no more than an hour. You wake up feeling refreshed, renewed, revived and rejuvenated! Ah, but that that sensual, delightful descent is what it's all about. You snuggle down, no cares and then drift into bliss.

This was a very good friend of mine. Her beauty was classic and she carried herself with style, taste, smarts, manners, elegance and a generous heart. She was a gifted napper.

I painted this one as a watercolor on watercolor board 30x40 inches it was sold for $4,500.00 US.

More to come....

All images copyright Alan Phillips 2014