Monday, September 26, 2016

The Orange Farmer.


Have you ever visited a farm? Have you been to an orchard or a grove? I have been to a few and I love it. First of all it's acres of nature, often miles of natural growing things that just gives me the feeling of wellness.

I miss the apple orchards of New England where the landscape can be hilly and you seem to be walking through a quiet magic garden. Then there are the farmers, who just seem to be so down to earth. I mean they are of the earth really, and owning the science to understand how things grow. They are natural nurturers.

My office uniform is generally a pair of painters pants and a blue denim shirt so the apparel of the farmer appeals to me too. I like casual, no pretense, let's roll up our sleeves look. Let's start a movement of "Farm Couture"

This is a watercolor on board 15" x 20" and I like the simplicity of the movement with the circle space where the farmer's head is and the oranges circling with a line down to the pail and then up around behind him.

I guess it's a case of comparing oranges to oranges?

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