Sunday, September 18, 2016

Still Life Grille Life


One of the benefits of living on the coast is all of the fresh produce we get to enjoy.

Stripped Bass, seasoned to perfection, stuffed with garlic, scallions, a wee bit of jalapeno and topped with grilled bell peppers as cooked to tenderness and add a very well chilled Chateau Haut Brion Blanc to sip if you are feeling flush!

One of my fine art cooking pieces in watercolor on board, 16" x 18"

A fun challenge with this work was creating the three layers of shallow depth, the peppers and the fish, the grille and the coals. Further adding to the dynamic was getting the glowing coals just right (which I painted first incidentally). The technique I used was to start light and build up the intensity of the chroma a little at a time with the grays and blues and the yellows and reds.

Bon App├ętit !

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