Saturday, September 13, 2014

Opus De La Mar


Whenever I am at the foot of the dunes and the next level inland is populated with dune grass and beyond it scrub, it almost always feels as though it is lyrical to me.

The dunes undulate, the dune grass swirls.The spots of leaves as little counterpoints of rhthym and I do have a lyrical and poetic intent in my art. They are meant to be respites. I want to evoke moments of sanctuary. Among the dunes and grasses are the remnants of shells, whole shells and bits of the tideline wash when it rises up to that level all creating a soothing composition.

This particular oil painting which is 30x40 on canvas feels like a melody to me, as I often feel the music as much as I hear it and then of course it's a journey! This piece is available @ $5,000.00 US.

My soundtrack might have the lilting flute of Herbie Mann, it's definetly an instrumental. Perhaps a bit of crisp punctuation by Keith Jarrett's piano and some strings, Ron Carter riffing a walking bass line, an echo of Yo Yo Ma's cello? They were some of the muscicians I was listening to while working on  my opus.

Here's to hoping you can hear what I see.

More to come....

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips