Thursday, September 11, 2014

The infinite wisdom of sand.....


The way I see it these beautiful sculptures from the vast and open sea have journeyed thousands of miles, perhaps lived longer than you or I. They come to rest on our shores to bask in the sun and if left to themselves may become a part of the beach they lay claim too. I find each one unique. In each exquisite design, coloration, the wear of the edges, holes, marks and variation in shape to be of infinite interest to me for inspiration and for making art.

I was experimenting with tonal dimensions in this one. How do you create depth and interest, volume with very closely related values on a very shallow plane? Warm and cool are such subtle shifts in the sand and the shells. I also dig the variations in surface texture to create more interest in the broader areas of the bag and sand.

When you see it in front of you, this one an oil 30x40 inches on canvas you feel as though you are sitting on the beach with them, as though maybe it was you who collected them. It looks great in my studio with white walls however now that grey is a trend this would look so cool on a light and airy grey wall. This piece is available @ $5,000.00 US

You probably caught it but if you haven't as with the title of this piece there is also the infinity symbol made from one of the bag's handles.

More to come....

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014