Sunday, September 21, 2014

We share the planet .


I love it when a story I want to tell just shows up when I turn a corner. I enhance move and edit of course. This was a scene in Hana Park in Atlantic Beach Florida.

This one is painted in watercolor on watercolor board. It is 16x20 inches. Sold.

I was speaking with a very talented artist recently who works mostly from instinct, imagination and follows an inner rhythm to a non representational form. Rather than as he stated that he did not think of a particular story to tell or an image when he started out. Well, even though I am a realist my aproach is actually similar to a non realist however since I love the coast I go out with my easel or camera 'hunting for paintings' as I once told a Mountie who stopped me in a restricted wildlife area. Who, by the way gave me carte blanche to follow my eye to any area in the preserve I wished now protected by his authority. A nice Godwink indeed.

The criteria by which my artist friend works is in my case what I choose to keep, notice, add or subtract in the scene. I persue what I am curious about. I am interested in a 'believable reality" Therefore I am not simply looking for 'bird' scenes or specific species. The idea has to work as a whole. When I saw this scene I was impressed at how comfortable the two families of birds seemed to be in one another's company.

These colors together, the arc of the row of White Ibis that leads to the Brown Pelican as a design element and then the repeat of that arc in the fallen trees in the background, the slashes of the beaks on the page, all are specific 'marks' and visual elements to me.

It is a testament to a peaceful coexistence.

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More to come....

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