Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fresh Mayport Shrimp.....


Some of you who know me well know I love food and I love to cook. Back when I was the in house illustrator for Water's Edge Magazine I had the food page assignment every month for two years. Now as a cook who is a huge fan of fresh, real fresh, still wigglin fresh....there is nothing in the world so tasty as Mayport shrimp. Somehow they manage to be more flavorful with almost nutty, kind of touch of almond flavor. My personal favorite is to boil them until just pink, heads on, then peel, get a nice skillet going with extra virgin olive oil, a touch of butter and two cloves of garlic sent through your garlic press, get it hot but not sizzlin place the shrimp in for three minutes turning once add a splash of vermouth, plate and add fresh squeeze of lemon. Tender! Tasty!

You may have figured that the article was about shrimp, you are right and I thought, loving fresh as much as I do lets get it right from the dock! Truth is I am also a fan of little worn skiffs like the one painted here and of course all those calling gulls the natural lunch whistle when the fleets come!

This is a watercolor 16x20 inches on watercolor board.

More to come

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014