Sunday, November 8, 2015

Racing the high tide line.(.North by Northeast from the Southeast)


Thank you. All of you who come and visit and refer to earlier posts when I have not posted in a while. I appreciate your interest. 

I have been working hard on my next series of which this is one. If you have been following for any length of time you know I am a creature of the Atlantic..fairly evident here I would say..! This is actually a stretch of beach called Atlantic Beach. A Common gull and a Royal tern are companions on this journey.

This is an oil painting on wood panel. The size is 28" x 48".

 It had several passages that had been scrapped back and starting over worked through new solutions. I had other birds flying, Rusty Turnstones running on the beach, a greater cloud scape and did not feel that any of those were working. I often feel my painting is finished when I can no longer add or subtract anything of value. The balance, rhythm and flow live comfortably in sync now. I also feel a painting is complete when the final image is equal to the joy that inspired me to make it. This is my bliss. I smell the salt air, hear the curling of the waves, float with with the feathered friends and revel in the sand beneath my feet. And perhaps, just maybe find a little treasure tucked into the tideline.

It is available for purchase. The price is $5,000.00 in USD plus shipping.
All inquiries are welcome by email to: Alan Phillips
put coastal art in the subject line. All correspondence will be answered promptly.

More to come......

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