Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Springtime is for lovers and flowers....


What  is it about blossoms? Is it the color, the shape, the delicate flesh, the design, the many designs within one flower? Like love eh? I truly just beam each time I see a bouquet, a cluster in a planted garden or a stemmed classic sitting solo in a vase or glass on a table.

This was a hibiscus that I grew from a small plant in my backyard and my delight was constant looking out into the backyard and seeing a wall of different hibiscus color running riot in the afternoon sunlight.

To top it off I'm listening to Jose Feliciano sing "California Dreamin" beautiful art, beautiful music, beautiful singer on a beautiful day. Beautiful.

This one is 40" x 40" oil on canvas. And although I have not done many florals in the past 8 years I am looking forward to including more of them in my oeuvre in the future!

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More to come.....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2016