Friday, April 1, 2016

Softly now.....


You just marvel...I just marvel. This is elegance to me. Do you feel the grace?

It's great being out on the river. This one is the ICW.

I watch individuals and teams of everything from wood ducks, egrets, herons, osprey, gulls, dolphins, manatees, swallows, red tailed hawks, kingfisher all find a place in the ecosystem here.

This was dusk, perhaps 30 minutes from the twilight cool enveloping the estuary once the sun fell behind the horizon. I adore this light. It is filled with grays at this time of day with only subtle differentiation from each other. In a word it is sensual. And that's a beautiful sight creating a lovely feeling.

This is another of my photo art series. I had to laugh thinking I was employing my photos a bit more than I like too, however I blocked in 4 new oil paintings yesterday so stay tuned!

More to come....

Thank you for stopping by.

All art/photos copyright Alan Phillips 2016