Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Little Thrill At Pete's Bar & Grille.


Hi everybody. Well, it is nature after all! I like to step outside the lines occasionally just for fun with my art photography. This is one of those times!!

It’s overwhelming.  I’m exhausted. It’s the work, the stress, the POTUS tweets
My remedy is to grab my baby and head on down to Pete’s

I say “Darlin, the madness is too much and we’ve got to get out!!”
She smiles. “I’ll put on my red dress and my high heel sneakers lover. No need to shout!”

I say “Honey, you are lookin’ so tempting and sexy  tonight
You better wear some boxing gloves in case Doug Oakes might wanna fight.”

We waltz right in,  greet our tribe and hoist a few
Most nights it’s the nest over which the cuckoo flew
We lay our quarter down,  pick up a cue
The eight ball is my pal tonight. Stick and ball know what to do

Now we’re feelin ahh-right,  a full adjustment from our week of troubles
Staggering outside we laugh out loud at the sunset in our beer goggle bubbles!

Photography and words copyright Alan Phillips © 2017

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Thank you for looking at my art today.

All art/words/photography ©2017 Alan Phillips