Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"sometimes anger trips our freedom circuits"



That headline is from the awesome writer Danielle Laporte. Furthermore I like  and connect to " Happiness is carbonated consciousness." Another of her quotes,brilliant!

Here is another word/art painting study. The painting is 18 x 24 inches black acrylic on paper with computer generated type. The original oil on canvas will be 3 x 4 feet.

I crave harmony. This morning I had a small confrontation. I took a positive action in handling a problem with major benefits to all concerned in my tribe. It did not sit well with one individual outside the tribe. It took me a bit of time to unravel my hostile energy and a friend reminding me by saying the words..looking right into my eyes, "positive energy" actually that's all it took, once I heard it I dropped it and went on with my day. But I thought it might be appropriate art to post today since I am needing to remember the focus of the message. 

Wishing you peace my friends...

More to come...

Art and art words copyright Alan Phillips 2015