Saturday, September 5, 2015



What a gas right, you know the song "Ridgetop" by Jesse Colin Young? The Sausalito version. Slipstream overdrive is where my fondest memories and moments reside and ride.

This tune has it, that groove momentum.

"I got a yard full of bushes that turn into pies in July" ha, too good.  I knew such people, up in Reading Massachusetts with such bushes and pies once upon a time I miss them all and this music takes me home in a heartbeat. "I like it."

Most of my life like my art sits up on a breeze, movement is present even when I am painting a still life or appear to be meditating still as a moment when the sun first breaks the horizon. You may see me sitting still as the forest deep but truth be told the spokes of light are beaming outward across the universe. I was trying to portray a kind of grounded version of that here. While you are on your way, there are blossoms and things are flying you see them...sometimes? 

I was playing with washes and opaques at this point in my illustration career. This was a piece for a mystery novel featured in the pages of WB magazine. Thank you Harry Hoffman and Alex Von Koschembahr. The art was 30 x 40 inches oil on canvas.

"Where it's quiet and peaceful almost all the time."

and you know I like it that way.

More to come.....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015