Sunday, August 30, 2015

Left handed and right handed whelks


Who knew? You find out I suppose, the deeper you go into a subject. There are many kinds of whelks indeed. Lightening strikes! 

Listening to Randy Crawford live. The tune is Rio de Janeiro Blue. Sahmokin!  "The salt sea air, your windblown hair, reflections on a dream, thoughts of you with who knows who flowin through me like a stream, Brazilian serenaders linger on, help me lose my soul in your song, and I get a feelin that I've seen the last of you, Rio De Janeiro Blue." Just plain haunting. 

This was a magazine piece from  2007. Watercolor on board 15 x 20 inches. Sold. It was the first time I started really playing with neutral grounds and the subject and ground as foils. I see these shapes, the shells as sculptural objects when I travel on the beach. 

In terms of their influence on the grey ground and the domination of the space I liken them to pieces that remind me of Claes Oldenburg and Henry Moore They are little pieces of found art that decorate the sand.

More to come...

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2105