Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Special Friends...


Hooboy, ever feel like there is someone watching? First of all I am listening to Michael Franks "Summer In New York" If you love New York City the way I did, I do...have a listen, it will feel like a letter from home. OK, back to the art. 

All my life I have felt a presence. I felt that way before I had words to express it, before I knew what supernatural or spirit meant. You know, my playmates! I have absolutely zero evidence of actual energies beyond you and I, what we can see and agree on as reality.

However I have also been the beneficiary of unexplained protection, connections,rescue, prevention and follow up that is beyond reason or even simple luck for that matter. It sure feels like a divine hand interceding on my behalf, frequently, gratefully I might add. Charmed? Possibly.

I have also felt as though there are other kinds of energies, dark ones, bored ones, mischief makers. In all I imagine they are ever changing shapes full of a kind of contained light that is moving within it. This is my take on it. This is sort of an elegy to them especially my familiars and of course the influence of the magnificent Robert Motherwell, just loving those negative shapes energizing the positive ones.

This is 20 x 30 inches black acrylic on paper with type laid in on the computer. The final will be oil on canvas 3 x 5 feet with hand lettered type.

More to come......

All words, ideas and art copyright Alan Phillips 2015