Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tacada Forte/ Peter Orthwein


In many of the sports I have played it is just a blast to get free from the defense long enough to generate some good offense! 

Tommy Glynn who was the guru emeritus at The Greenwich Polo Club in Connecticut back when I was attending matches in the early 1990s mentioned to me that polo was the most democratic of all sports. He was referring to the play, you know if you could ride, you were home free, included and welcomed no matter your standing in the world.

Yet I have to applaud the fact that it was also true in the stands, whether giving a nod to Stephanie Seymour or Peter Brandt or a wave to Peter Orthwein who is seen here about to crush the ball (I think Airstream was his team at the time) or a long conversation with Henryk De Kwiatkowski about women in polo. All were engaging and welcoming wherever I landed on the field and asked me no questions about my status in the world, only my interest in photographing the event. Love it.

This is an oil on canvas, the canvas is 30 x 40 inches and the image 24 x 36 inches approximately.

It is for sale at $5,000.00 US, unframed plus shipping and handling. Contact Monty at for payment, schedule for deliverey or pick up and details.

More to come.

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015