Monday, August 17, 2015

August Rush...


Did you like the movie of the same name? I felt like my story was being told. Only, it was for music,art and writing. Oh, and the main character of the story was much more in tune with his gift. Once he had the right tools he was conducting the orchestra in a composition of his own in Central Park. Me,I was taking the long road home indeed. There was a whole lot of the world I had to digest before I could get to my oeuvre and multi opus concertos!

Another of my word/art painting studies. Acrylic, coffee ring and words on paper. I shall be making the final art a 3 foot square, oil on canvas. 

Today, everyday, I wish you more music, art and literature and the nourishment they provide than you can imagine. 

More to come.....

All words and art5 copyright Alan Phillips 2015