Tuesday, May 3, 2016

That Lonesome Sound


Dawn and dusk are without a doubt such wonderful times of the day in terms of light and color. This scene is another point from the shores of Connecticut looking out to Long Island Sound and Long Island, New York  itself in the USA.

Coming from New England as I did I have a penchant for rolling stone walls that I used to play among as a child in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. I just love how that last bit of light shimmers on the water before the whole of the earth becomes simply shapes and shadow in the night.

The sounds I hear out on this point at this time of day are the seabirds calling to each other and perhaps the rustle of the leaves and a gentle lapping of the waves on the shore...that lonesome sound. Peaceful.

This is oil on canvas and measures 14" x 18" there are more details on it on my website which is Stop by when you get a chance and sign up for my free newsletter!

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More to come......

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2016