Thursday, December 18, 2014

18th street summit.....


Boy it's been a while, too long actually since I hauled out my Tim Chew 9 foot longboard and performed my walking on water ballet. More likely performing an unceremonious headplant, lol.

This was a small oil study 11x14 inches on canvas. It was sold. The original price was $1,000.00

Here is a spot that every local knows. It occasionally has a nice right break. Great thing is that it's a the top of the hill where this spot is and you can ride your bike,gravity board or your scooter to look down and see where the surf is at and whether or not you should paddle out. Though I did live by the maxim, "when in doubt, paddle out."

I liked the color harmonies in this. I liked that it said 'stop' and 'one way' and 'beach.'
'Bout sums it up nicely.

Just a reminder, if you have a favorite coastal spot you want to capture for eternity for yourself or a gift I am open to discussing your ideas to make a fine art oil painting that will be a legacy to future generations. I'm the artist you call when a one of a kind is what you had in mind. You can reach me quickly at

More to come....

All art and images copyright Alan Phillips 2014