Sunday, December 7, 2014

Now and then.....2-22


This is a portrait of my daughter Haley at age two and now at 22, this study done this morning of a shot I took on Thanksgiving Day. Very hard to capture beauty with a few lines and I am not sure my drawing defines that exactly but the essence of her personality is point on. Smart, funny and great to be around. The top one is watercolor on watercolor paper and the bottom one pencil on sketch paper.

 I love being an artist. Only one thing was and is more fun, more rewarding, more interesting, more work, and more satisfying and that is being a dad. Her dad more precisely.

She recently commented on a photograph of me holding her in my arms hours after being born. "Looks like you are in awe, dad." she said. Worried beyond compare was more like it, I must have checked her breathing 12 times a night when we brought her home. By George I'll make sure I keep this child alive or die trying...I thought,lol. Right. No question. I remain in awe to this day. So perhaps I'll declare December 7th honor and appreciate your kids day. They are in every way a miracle. We all are.

Much love to you Haley girl from dad.

More to come....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2014