Sunday, December 28, 2014

In a silent way.......


"In a Silent Way" was the first piece I ever heard by Miles Davis. I was curious because I had read about him in a novel. The very cool main character, one that I would emulate listened to Miles. I gave it a shot. I was behind the curve as he was a generation or two in front of me and so while I could hear strains of the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Grand Funk Railroad all enjoyable mind you I hung with Miles.

It is true that I often hear a musician and feel as if they know what I know. Secret stuff, ideas from another dimension. Play the notes between the notes....beautifully I might add. This was a new idea with Milestones, Kind of Blue, So What.

Occasionally I will include something from my studies. This is one. It was meant for a series. The series would feature 20 or more muscicians that I can't do without and my unique link to them often, with the art expressing something of the feel of the music.

It is pencil, ink, watercolor on paper. The story from the liner notes was written by Richard Williams. This is how I work on projects. First the thought, then the research, then the sketch and on to the finish with all manner of experimentation and exploration on the way. Perhaps like Miles, playing a note, hearing it and responding with a new note that follows but only in relation....modality improvised. Can you dig it?

Also from time to time I will mention what astounds me. Maybe it will inspire you too. The first is a duet on youtube of Yo Yo Ma and Lil Buck....where the dancer becomes the music and the music and the dancer transcend into the infinite. The second is a Painter named Ran Ortner, at one with himself,nature,art and life. Again, you may be inspired.

More to come.....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2014