Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Back to the Garden Revised.....


Now. I think that suits my sensibilities a bit more. Originally I wanted this piece to have this floating, flying feeling over the plain looking out towards Fort George Island. I was very interested in the space and that fallen tree along with the light. I had a couple of wood storks over at the level of the tree when I submitted this piece for The St Augustine Nature and Wildlife Exhibit. Here is where the inventiveness comes in.

I liked the birds originally because the white of their bodies was a nice focal point. However, I truly wanted one of the species that frequents this venue to be flying in the landscape. Also the scene in person has only one palm tree in the view, no birds and no clouds, the two spots of blue low tide puddles were just wet mud. 

I am not sure if I am ever 'satisfied' with my work but often the painting is finished when I can neither add nor subtract anything that will enhance it's completeness. But this one kept nagging at me! I had it behind dome other paintings for a while and even had a friend try to pull it out for a potential client to look at which I halted immediately.

Going through my reference files I came across a series of this great blue heron in flight...Eureka! I'm delighted that I never gave up on it.

This is 38x46 inch oil on canvas. $5,500.00 plus shipping and handling.

Contact me @ if you are interested in this work.

More to come.

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015