Friday, April 3, 2015

First Light Dutton Reserve


Ok, everybody that gets up at dawn raise your hands! Now everybody that does it because they love the sunrise and the light and the quiet and peace raise your hands!!!!!

My once upon a time fishing buddy Alex always asked me to let him know when I was getting up at the crack of dawn to go fishing (rainbow trout fishing on the Saugatuck) because he wanted to come along. I often asked if the time frame was ,"too early?"  and he just smiled and replied, "It's easy to get up early for something you love."

Soothing, I guess that's the word I would use describe these types of scenes and why I choose them. Relief from the chaos and finding a serenity with which to move forward in the 'must do' of the day versus what I choose to do, where I spend my time and where I invest it for my spirit.

This is a diptych measuring 12 x 28 inches oil on canvas it is the North East corner of Dutton preserve a Florida State Park near Mayport Florida USA in the spring.

It is available for $1,200.00 US plus shipping and handling unframed, the edges are not painted at present but can be. If you are interested in purchasing you can contact me or my agent Monty at for scheduling, payment and delivery.

Happy Easter, happy spring and as always.... more to come.

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015