Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Pal Gary


This was one of my illustration assignments for The Country Club Magazine back in 1988. One of my 'favorite hits' group. It was about 15 x 20 inches on watercolor board painted with gauche.
I like the gestural work that I was playing with on his right arm and of course white picks up so many nuances of color it's a veritable rainbow on that sleeve but still looks 'right'

The article was by Grantland Rice, a reprint about keeping your cool when the pressure is on in a golf tournament. Keeping your nerve as it were. I asked Gary if he would pose for me. I got that old stiff collar piece which was detachable and the old hickory golf club, my classic boater hat and we were set for a head and shoulders shot. It was a laugh because it was summer and he was wearing the equivalent of board shorts for pants! This was shot in Central Park in July....

Gary was instrumental in getting my career started as well as my confidence as an artist who gets paid. We met by chance in Boston and he organized my exodus to New York and Westport where I honed my art, graphics, copy writing, publishing, photography, advertising and communications skills.

He had lots of talent, charisma, smarts, style and a sense of humor that paved the way for a pr career that had him owning homes in Laguna Beach, California and Westport, Connecticut at 28 years old. He got me many plum projects and although I have thanked him many times I do so again here because as I have taken the time to appreciate those who have meant the most to me in my art and life the one's that shine this bright are few and far between.

Here's to you brother. Thank you.

More to come....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015