Sunday, May 3, 2015



I think I will be posting a few of my sports pieces from the archives when I am in the process of completing newer work. This is one of Gabriela Sabatini the great Argentine women's champion at Wimbledon. She played the game with a beautiful grace and made a baseline topspin winner look effortless all on center court.

I like the simplicity of this art. I like the point and counterpoint. This was well into my illustration career 1989 or early 90s. I had been studying how Bart Forbes was using his washes in oil and how Bernie Fuchs was handling shapes, silhouettes and color tonally for backgrounds and both of them using variations of the pull off technique...I still think it's an elegant way of handling paint.

My work for tennis magazine I think was from around 1983-1993 and many thanks to a talented and unbelievably great art director, graphic designer, creative print guru  Lori Wendin.

Lori was my liaison/friend in all of my work there. She made it fun and gave me the tools, faith and freedom to do some of my best sports art. Thanks Lori. That was a nice run.

This one was 18x24 inches oil on canvas. It was sold but was not used in the magazine. I'll post some of that art in the future as I think it still holds up in quality of execution.

More to come.....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015