Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Rooster Walks In New York City


Listening to Kenny Rankin right now. Beautiful. He is singing the Beatles 'Blackbird' tune and that guitar is just as lyrical as a spring morning and Kenny's voice is just riffing into ,over and around the melody and yet still infusing the tone with meaning and that place that he and his instrument inhabit which he shares with us....just seems to float on a magical river of the great overtone!

Here is a very old piece. This is a pastel 15x20 inches on Canson pastel paper. This was towards the end of my pastel era. I did about 30 pieces or so as illustration assignments mostly in New York and for book publishers like Random House and Doubleday. This one had a mixed media combination of pastel and gauche for the heavy opaques for the white table and the black of the chairs.

This was a little French lunch cafe somewhere on fifth avenue. It maybe had 3 tables. It was down some stairs a level or two hence the overhead view. My companion and I had Croque Monsieur. And as my imagination tends to run amok (in a grand way) in all areas of my travels why not have a barnyard bird in the middle of Manhattan? I wonder what Charlie Parker would have thought?

Well, I have got a few more notices from my store over at under my sunnybeachman brand where some of you have been purchasing items with my watercolor art on them, Thank you!

More to come....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015