Thursday, May 21, 2015

Well, Hello Louis......


I heard an album the other day with Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald singing classic duets. It makes me laugh.

I enjoy them together so much because it seems like they are having more fun than anyone on the planet! It is such a pleasure to hear, see and enjoy performances by artists who own their instrument and then take that knowledge and joyfully express their creativity. Dizzy
Gillespie once said, "Learn your instrument, learn the music then forget everything and blow."

 "I see skies of blue......" and I think to myself, what a wonderful world. Pops never fails to make me smile whether he's singing a ballad, Cole Porter, Gershwin or a wailing on his horn with a mournful New Orleans dirge.

This was a commissioned piece for my friend in Boston, Paul. He was an early supporter of my art and continues to be, as he was then, one of the loveliest human beings on the earth. He was my boss at a department store where I worked in display. 

I salute all the people in the world and in my life that make good days and bad days brighter.
Thank you Paul and Satchmo too.

This was a 18 x 24 inch oil on canvas.

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015