Tuesday, June 2, 2015

study for Ogunquit lobster boat


This is a fairly humble little painting 5 x 7 inches oil on canvas using a very thick impasto. It was a piece painted on the spot by a bridge and I just loved how solid it looked in the reflective, shimmering water. There is something refreshingly sturdy about Maine lobster boats, reassuring, you know?

I sold it for $600.00 US about 5 years ago. Stay tuned if you like the working boats because I have a bunch of them coming up from Maine, some shrimp boats from South Carolina and Florida and some fishing trawlers from Vancouver to St. Augustine.

I sure hope you are beginning the summer with great gusto and enthusiasm. I know I am. Joy is everywhere, listening to Boz Scaggs "Thanks To You." right now and I love the lines, "So where does the genius go when business is slow, And even dreaming has a way of scheming to get you down, Likely off at some chateau so how would he know, It gets as lonely up there as anywhere, Where moving over to make room once seemed impossible, It's not impossible, That one handed applause, That unspoken word, That tree fall in the forest someone finally heard, Thanks to you."  And so if you are here looking at my art and reading my words, "Thanks to you." Clap, clap.

More to come....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015