Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Point Of No Return


There are things that are irrevocable. The first of things, the last of things. The canary dies.

Can we reverse the damage we have done to the planet? I hope so. I work for it. Nature is astounding and perfect. She is a treasure I hold close to my heart that brings me joy every day.

Just a little idea to ponder, to gain a moment's wisdom before engaging in a too hot pursuit or a too cold response. Consequences, decisions, actions, reactions, responses are all somehow interrelated like the butterfly effect and it happens on both a cosmic and micro level every day in us and around us. 

This art is so simple, so graphic and the message so plain jane but it holds weight don't you think? Holds it's own with the drawing? 

It is 20 x 30 acrylic on paper as a study and will be 3 x 5 feet when finished oil on canvas.

This is the fourth post in my gestural mark/social commentary series.

More to come......

All art and words in context copyright Alan Phillips 2015