Friday, July 3, 2015

Joys of Summer


Wow. Hard to believe we are into July already. High time for the ocean and cooling down with the kids. This was a day where the little ones were introduced to the surfside art of 'butt busting' as one firmly and resolutely places one's posterior in position to break that wave!

I do love the Floridian waters as there is such a muted gray range within the color that is beneath, within and that which reflects. There are many points and counterpoints within this simple design from the diagonal of the first wave, the flatness and depth of the waves simultaneously. The basic primary colors against the gray green ground.

This one just drips with the sun splashed saltlife in a bravura fashion.

It was sold about 6 months ago 11 x 14 inches oil on canvas. 

Happy summer thoughts.

More to come.....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015