Wednesday, July 22, 2015



I read that the great painter and illustrator Bernie Fuchs who I admire greatly once remarked that he owed a good portion of his painting to the gift of classical music. In my studio it has been jazz for as long as I can remember. I love so much music but jazz seems to be my magic carpet to a zone where I can 'be' in the painting. Right now it's an album called Flute Flight with Herbie Mann and Bobby Jasper. I owe a great thanks to jazz and jazz musicians who have elevated my art with their music.

This portrait of Miles is my favorite.

Hands down Miles Davis is a genius that I consult on a regular basis. Not only did he add a few chapters to the American Jazz legacy, he was a champion for creative freedom, exploration and extraordinary innovation. When I hear the tune  "So What" all of my cosmic rhythm aligns and it's like I'm wearing a custom tailored Caraceni suit walking down Fifth Avenue in NYC heading towards an art deal that's gonna make my year, all smiles.

This was an oil on board. It was approximately 20 x 30 inches. A very talented photographer and saxophone player owns it now. 

More to come

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015