Sunday, July 12, 2015

By the livin' Gawd that made you, You're a better man than I am...Gunga Din.


Gunga Din!

Do we all carry the idea of service beyond ourselves, 'our brother's keeper' as it were these days? What incredible measure of respect Kipling reveals to us in his poem about the soldier that served 'Er Majesty the Queen in a regiment in Injia and finest man he knew was bhisti, Gunga Din.

This was an illustration piece I did some time ago for the Easton Press. It is oil on canvas and about 20 x 30 inches I believe. I sold it eons ago. The book was a collection of Rudyard Kipling. What an amazing amount of fun he had with the language!

In my own life I have been at times humbled and honored to have known people who are perceived to be of a station socially lower than mine and yet the content of their character is what I one day hope to evolve to in my own life and I view them as highly elevated beings.
I am grateful for them. 

More to come.....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015