Monday, November 7, 2016

White Ibis Landing In St. Augustine


Hi everybody. What fun, right? I mean look at these characters! They are both beautiful and interesting.

I often wonder where they have been? When I look skyward and see them flying in formation I wish I could tag along. I am mostly earthbound and appreciate seeing them on my Coastal Journey in the saltmarsh and along the flyways of the Intra Coastal Waterway.

Here is another in my fine art photography series. I really dig the light and shadow at play here both in the birds and the background. That's also a great palette of cream and pink with an accent of black against the muted greens and blues.

This was on my way to St. Augustine, Florida. St. Augustine is a favorite place of mine to visit. It really has the best of so many worlds. It's a nice visual counterpoint in the background.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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More to come.....

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