Wednesday, April 5, 2017

And now for something a little different....!


Hi everybody. OK, OK I know this blog is about the coast and wildlife, so we have a least some fish caught from the ocean in this one and the chicken was of nature's wild origin!

I used to have the food page of a magazine to illustrate every month and although I chose to alternate from straight realism to humor when the story warranted it I like them both approaches equally.

My artist pal once said to me that he didn't think any artist on the planet, in the USA anyway hadn't done some version of Grant Wood's "American Gothic" and here's mine.

The article was about locally grown food for our tables, organic, and the healthier ways we can feed ourselves and support our communities.

Thanks for looking at my work today. When you want some of my tasty coastal journey realism please visit

More to come....

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