Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sacred Steps


Hi everybody!

Sacred Steps

I love an old road
It doesn’t care about my wandering shoes
Traipsing down it’s weary bones out walking my visionary muse

I got a feelin’ for old roads
I love your cracks and craggy crumbling surface bending in the silent heft
Your empathetic non - resistance about my choices right or left

I find the space I crave on an old road
Freedom from relentless world discord
You calm me from the unraveling cacophony of people being bored

I wonder on the old roads
Expanding across your serene and lovely views
You give my frazzled mind a respite and my energy renews

Thank you for looking at my art and reading my words today.

More to come.....

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Photography and poetry © 2017 Alan Phillips