Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to become a pelican......


Well the true idea here is to become enough of a pelican to know how they move, how they fly, prepare to land, land, swim, dive, soar, glide, eat, swallow, draft, hover, float, socialize and launch among many other characteristics. That is if you want to portray a pelican convincingly in a painting as a coastal realist artist.

You will have to excuse the godwits, rusty turnstones, laughing gulls, egrets, royal terns, and pipers as they happened to be in the vicinity and well, they will be in future paintings also.

I am not sure I have spent 10,000 hrs on my work. My reference here is about mastery via Malcom Gladwell's terrific book  Outliers: The Story of Success. I may have spent even more than that sum total. Yet, I do not consider myself a master of my art but I feel like and I work as though I am on that path. I plan to be. 

One of the ways to get to be someone who can draw is to draw, whether it's perfecting violin, tennis, writing they are all the same. There are no shortcuts and the quality in performance always shows or the lack of it. These were the studies of only the birds for a piece I am working on now. It will be fun for you to check back and see what the finished art looks like and which pelicans were models for the painting.

For all of you from some 30 countries or so that have been checking in and viewing my work thank you.

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More to come.....

All art copyright Alan Phillips 2015